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Welcome to Ice Realty Management, we are experts’ facility managers, we help build and manage all your capital buildings, ranging from the smallest to the largest capital structures and estates
Our Building Services
Our wide range of building services, (Construction, Repairs, and maintenance) include providing a well detailed blueprint and design for your structure, we provide all quality materials for construction projects, managing crews of workers and subcontractors, overseeing safety on-site, overseeing quality control for construction workers, and handling any necessary licenses and permits for construction projects.
For clients looking to acquire properties, we carry out property background checks, comprehensive property inspection, negotiations, and all necessary documentation for transfers of properties after purchase.
Why go through the hassle of looking for a client trying to sell your properties, we have built some incredible partnerships along the way. That’s why when you do business with us, you get to take advantage of our negotiated rates at a wide variety of best-in-class products and services.
Our full service experts’ team compiles detailed information on each property to project future needs, allowing for a quick and proactive response to client needs. Our team is fully engaged from the first walk-through to the date of move-in, and through subsequent renewals and expansions. Every market is unique.
Property Management
At Ice Realty, our property management expertise are channeled to each project unique needs. Our team of management specialists meticulously oversees every aspect of the building operations, significantly enhancing the property’s tenant environment, desirability and ultimately profitability.
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